Dubai Food Tours

Discover a world of authentic, mouth-watering foods in Dubai designed to suit any budget, appetite and schedules. We cater all tourists and residents with special food focus on cultures and origin of the cuisines. 

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What Food Can I Expect? 
Expect to eat the local way depending on the cuisine. Upon joining a food trail experience, you might get your hands messy! Our foodie hosts will help get behind the scenes of a local food culture, will find the most authentic restaurants of any region in the city. From local Emirati food, Persian, Indian, Southeast Asian, African, European and more, we will show you food from the perspective of those who eat it every day. 

How Much Does it Cost? 
Rate is from 280 AED person and varies depending on number of attendees. It covers the cost of food, fees and organizers expenses. All needs to be paid in advance or before the tour/event starts. Pay through paypal or booking platform where the experience is listed

How Long Does the Tour or Event Lasts? 
Regular tours lasts 5 and a half hours, unless timing is specified on the event calendar

What Means of Transport is Used? 
We believe that the best way to eat like a local is to travel like one too. That could mean riding on a boat to discover the flavours of the other side of the city, riding the metro or by walking. We encourage you to leave your cars at home and be stress free in finding a parking. We love to use local transport because it gives us a chance to experience everyday local life from a new perspective and it is friendly to the environment too. Get ready to a real-world experiences with a foodie twist: one part culture, one part adventure and three parts delightful.

What Do Our Guests Say?

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