Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen in Atlantis Dubai

In celebration of my daughter’s birthday, we tried Gordon’s Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen. We opt only for burger and braised beef with a glass of cheap Spanish red wine as we were almost about to burst – eating the whole day. I think it’s a relatable consequence of staying in Atlantis, especially when you are on half-board or staying in club room floors. You will tend to eat – a lot.

My family loves beef, so the small order was quite perfect for the night. The braised beef was rich and ultimate ample meal, it was tender and delicious! Delightfully paired with mashed chick peas with spinach and cherry tomatoes. While my eldest daughter finished the burger on an instant, I can tell that it was a food with a hug. Staff are extremely friendly from reservations to service, Ryan was brilliant. Complimentary birthday brownie slice was the highlight for our little one.

Though I am less-thrilled with rather posh pricing, the experience was extraordinary.  Finally, a  joint in Dubai with no fuss - no gimmick, just excellent food. Now, I'm on a look-out for the recipes of the entire menu. I could probably prepare it myself,  I would rush-back otherwise. An effing selfie with Gordon himself would be a home-run! 😜


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