800Pizza Dubai 10AED Promotion Gone Wrong

We all love promotions and discounts in Dubai, who doesn't?  

Yesterday 28th of March 2017, 800Pizza is selling their classic selection for only 10AED in celebration of their 10th year anniversary.  While other people got through, others were extremely frustrated and bombarded their Facebook page with negative comments that resulted to decline of their star rating. 

In spite the mayhem, I applaud the management of 800Pizza for being chill with the complaints, we can't really please everyone, can we? A city-wide promotion such as this will spread out in a second and I totally understand why I did not get my share yesterday, maybe next time. 

I am happy to see that those you got their pizzas celebrated with joy and appreciated the company's effort to share their love to all their loyal and probably new lucky costumers. For those who didn't have it, I feel you,  I had the same sentiment when I did get my cupcake during Uber promotion.

The way I see it, it's not meant to be for us and that's okay knowing that some people are happy.  Please stop the hate and negative attacks, I know it's not just about the pizza but we all have other things to worry about than the slice, right?  I can't imagine how busy 800Pizza management and staff are, it must a crazy day and night, thank you guys for your effort. Now if you have extra, it would be nice if you give me some...LOL!    


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